Rereading Myself

Apparently I felt that residency wasn’t enough work for me, so I’ve started a concurrent, full-time Master’s of Arts in Philosophy. When I started out this blog, I think I envisioned some kind of replacement for this sort of post-secondary education, but if the subsequent years of medical school and residency have taught me anything, […]


More and more, I see people coming into this profession, pressed, stretched, and formed into something that is very like a person who knows a lot of things. I hear patients, usually I overhear patients, complain about their foolish doctors who don’t know anything, can’t fix anything. Distortion, both sides. More and more I appreciate […]

​How Do I Know if I Want Psychiatry…     

(I wrote this for a friend who was setting up a resident psychiatry blog in his program, but that ultimately fell through. So I figured I might as well post it here! It answers the question that senior year medical students, who are considering specialties to apply to, might ask.) Well. You don’t. Knowledge is […]

Predicting Disaster

This post would have been much more topical in January of this year, but it still illustrates the worst that can happen. The lead up to the potential tragedy is something I regularly encounter, as the psychiatry resident on call. In January of 2017, a man with PTSD went to the ER in Antigonish. It […]


Hey, remember that surgical ethics podcast I did back in the days of yore? Well, now it’s been legitimized by being put on the Surgery 101 website. Go and check it out, and while you’re there, you can listen to other podcasts and learn all sorts of wonderful things about surgery, and medical education.


Things can always get worse. This is one of the cries called out now, reminding us that, even though the world may be poised for mayhem, the bottom is never rock. Conversely, things might not be so bad, or at least, there may be some value in this time. My personal experiences are pretty mundane […]