Risk and Compensation

Now seems like a good time to talk a little bit more about myself. (Well, this is a blog; I shall probably spend a lot of time talking about myself.) As stated on the about page, my name is Marie Gojmerac, and I am a medical student.

This might create the immediate question of why I should attach my real name to a public blog. I’m not a particularly public person. I’m also a medical student, which I’ve surprisingly admitted to online. Therefore, I’m regulated not just legally by laws, but also professionally by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Therefore, having a blog is a risk.

I briefly outlined my reason for writing in the last blog entry. Now, I think I can talk about another factor that moved me to this keyboard.

“Public” is becoming more common. Quite a lot of people who have computers are “public” in some way. They might express various likes and dislikes (and various levels of “Herp derp”) on Youtube. They might be attached to a corporate or institutional website, and have their emails available to the Internet. Old publications that are online count as a public presence.

Many people, in particular, use Facebook. Facebook is not something that I use much; I can conveniently message people, and I can keep abreast of various news and memes that people I know talk about. I keep my friends list pared down to people whom I know outside of Facebook. I rarely post anything, not even a status update, without thinking about how I’d feel if everyone in the world could see it, and if it was made somehow popular so that everyone would see it.

I also agonize about what would happen if someone comes across my work several years in the future. Key in my mind right now is my application for residency programs, but there will be more times when people might care about what I’ve written.

And yet, I’m just not bothered anymore. I’m tired of putting off being creatively public at all because of potential future bogeymen. I am a medical student. This in itself might be interesting to readers. I am a professional. I should be able to cope with being an online professional.

It seems to me that we are all being forced a little more online every day. I might as well get some practice at it.


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