And Video Blogs, too!

As well as blogging, I have an interest in video-logging, which unfortunately I don’t get to do quite enough of. The problem is that, while both writing and video-creation are equally hard, videos are more time-consuming, overall. The editing is more finicky.

Anyway. I thought I’d post a video blog for when things are running a bit slow. Here’s the first one, which is fairly painful for me to watch now, as old videos always are. The video is all about me trying to explain Iatropexy. Don’t think it worked, but there you go.

Wow. That’s… that’s a terrible video. I really need to not act when I’m talking to a camera. Fortunately, the next bunch are better. I’ll post them up here on days when I haven’t written a post. Otherwise, if you’re really interested in seeing more of them, you can just search “Iatropexy” on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy them.


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