Arts in Med in Edmonton

I am very close to my next block final, and my week of preclinical finals. That doesn’t mean that there’s lots of cool arts things going on in Edmonton that I’m at least tangentially involved in.

Insight 2 is an international symposium that showcases design in the health humanities, and is starting up tomorrow. The show is on display in the FAB gallery at the University of Alberta until June 8, 2013. Look for the piece “what we learn when we see people” to see what the Art In Med club I co-ran came up with.

The 100 years of medicine photo and art show, in which I have entered several paintings, is on display in the John W. Scott Health Sciences library until the 31st. This is a part of the U of A medical faculty’s centennial celebrations.

Every other Sunday, there is a short-order poetry table happening in Cally’s Teas on 82nd ave and ~103 street. This weekend is another one of those weekends. I can’t guarantee my presence, but if you do go for a cup of tea, you can get a poem written on any topic of your choice. The only cost is that you have to keep it.

The McMullen Gallery in the U of A hospital continues to have very interesting displays. I believe the present one is still the textile display Botanicals. This will be going on until June 2nd.

The cool thing about all these events is that they are all (to my knowledge) open free to the public. I might be stuck inside studying, but there’s no reason you can’t get out and enjoy some art in med in Edmonton.


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