I do this to myself, really

I am and have been unapologetically lazy for nonce. I am also not going to apologize for using a ridiculous word like “nonce.”

Last week was my preclinical final exams, which involved two OSCEs (objective structured clinical exams), an “OSPE” (objective structured practical exam, of course) and a 105 question final exam. These were all cumulative exams, measuring what I have learned over the last two years. Yeek!

I survived. And perhaps more than survived.

I think they were all fairly kind exams. There wasn’t a time where I felt minutiae was asked on the final. The two days of OSCEs were really like every OSCE I’d had before– basic, just checking if I had been paying attention and could also cope with real live (standardized) patients.

The OSPE was a new experience– ninety seconds per station, with some kind of specimen or imaging or clinical history and a question about it. Stressful, but kind of fun. I’d liken the feeling of writing the OSPE to frantically cleaning house before a party. There’s a lot of small tasks to get done in a short period of time, but constant, organized work gets it all done. Although, I’ve never had to write down thoughts about pathophysiology and diagnoses while I’m cleaning house, so the metaphor kind of falls apart there. (Like a house with no foundation, perhaps? Aaargh.)

This last week, I have enacted the traditional “leave me alone, I’m a medical student on vacation” de-stressisode. Now, I am ready to return to the more social sphere, just in time to start some early clinical electives in a week or so. Because I clearly need more work.

But that is not the only project I have to focus my energy on. Oh, no! I’m also getting married in less than two months.


Time to go get some work done, I think I think. I’ll share some of my planning and design bits soon, but to tide you over, here’s a picture of one of my wedding shoes.


I think I just gave away the colour theme.


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