Dr. Gojmerac, Presumably


Yes, yes yes yes yes!

I’m so a doctor now. It’s great. Seriously, this is an awesome feeling.

“How awesome is it, Dr. Marie?”

I’m glad you asked, rhetorical construct person. It is so awesome. Everything about it is awesome. In fact, everything is awesome, especially when you’re part of a team. (Now there’s a reference that will never get dated, I’m sure.)

All of medicine these days is about the team work. The allied health professionals are my peeps, and I’m theirs. It’s really refreshing to have the M.D. when I’m talking to them now, because unlike when I was a student, there isn’t that extra step of cosignature or “figuring out how to do this new thing” to get in the way. I get stuff done.

I’ve worked very, very hard for nigh-on a decade to get into this position where I can work even harder, but doing what I love.

There are downsides to residency, don’t think I don’t know that. PGY-1s get yelled at, don’t know all that much more medicine, and have first call for most things. And the sleep when you’re doing off-service call is atrocious. And the responsibilities have mounted. But the thing that makes this all so much better than it was in med school is this:

When I go home, I can actually just be done for the day.

Sure, I do need to keep up with literature, and I have to read textbooks and modules and learn all the things I need to be a good physician, but that’s all on me. I pick when I do that, and now its all on my specialty of choice, instead of parts of medicine that I’m less interested in. I don’t have an exam every few weeks, and I don’t have any little projects that I have to waste sleeping time on. I can just go home and be done work, if I really really want.

“But Doctor, you’ll have to do that MCCQE part 2 in the spring!”

Shush, rhetorical person. You’re not wanted now. I’m turning my pager off and relaxing on the couch, guilt-free.


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