45 mm of Chrome

One of my dirty secrets is that I, Dr. Marie Gojmerac, am a pole dancer. For once, I am not making a pun. Nope, I honest-to-goodness am a pole dancer, and have been for two years. When I first told my parents, my mother was horrified, but my dad said “It’s basically gymnastics with the bar rotated 90 degrees.”

Or, as Leen Isabel illustrates on Pole Dancing Adventures:


The stigma is there, but I’m a perverse kind of person, and I derive glee from doing an activity that would make some people blush.

Also, it’s the best workout I’ve ever stuck with. Lifting weights is dull. Running gives me cramps and is hard to do in the winter. With pole, I’m basically do pull-ups for a half hour and then switch to “just dance” mode, where I work on cardio like a spinning fool.

For the first time in my life, I’ve actually noticed the difference it’s made in my health.

If there’s one thing that I didn’t have before, it’s upper body strength. Now, when I had to trudge through a snowstorm to the grocery because we were out of food and the roads were impassable, I carried those full totes like a boss. As in, no stops, no slowing down, no readjusting. I’ve moved my weight for the first time in fifteen years. I’ve had to throw out clothes because they don’t fit around my bulging biceps.

1/4 inch PVC is still a pipe.



Finally, I picked pole because it’s the most whimsical kind of dance. Back in med school, when I started going through a rough time, I needed an outlet that would be just plain, silly fun. And nothing brings on the giggles like going into a studio in high heels and being told to stick your butt in the air and wiggle.

But hey, if you don’t believe me, let Dr. Jennifer Liu convince you:



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