45 mm of Chrome

One of my dirty secrets is that I, Dr. Marie Gojmerac, am a pole dancer. For once, I am not making a pun. Nope, I honest-to-goodness am a pole dancer, and have been for two years. When I first told my parents, my mother was horrified, but my dad said “It’s basically gymnastics with the […]

The Satanic Panic

Since it is Hallowe’en, it seemed appropriate to talk about something a little bit ghoulish, ghostly, and devilish. Downright Satanic, in fact. Please enjoy as Michal Wojcik and I review Ritual Abuse, by Kevin Marron, and talk about the Satanic Panic in general. Michal’s Blog Download the podcast. Theme Song is “Balrog Boogie” by the […]

4.48 Psychosis

I saw a performance of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis on Saturday, performed by CommonPlace Theatre. It is an emotionally laden piece, but this review will be more clinical. It was an interesting production. As we filed into the room lined with white tarps, we were given a seat number. The chairs were scattered throughout the […]

Professional Boundaries

The hardest thing about physicianhood is that it is something that one becomes, as well as an occupation. Entering the profession means we become professional, and professionalism is a concept that often makes me twitch. Despite an historical review, I’m still not entirely sure I can pinpoint what is professional and what is not. I […]

Canadian med school memories (Beavers)

When I was a medical student, I performed a rural family medicine rotation for one month in Hinton, Alberta. There’s a lovely nature area there called the Beaver Boardwalk. Being a city person, and looking for something to occupy my time, I spent quite a bit of it there, and shot some decent footage (never […]

Unapologetic Retrospective

It takes at least six years to become a physician in Canada; usually eight. Four for an undergrad degree (only two if you’re quite academic), and then four for the MD itself, though some places have a three-year program. I completed my training at the University of Alberta, which was a fantastic place to train, […]